Design build landscape contractor for over 33 years. “THE JONATHAN COMPANY” designs installs and maintains the gardens we produce.  Award winning contractor earning a reputation for quality among my piers in all the residential award categories from the California Landscape Contractors Association.  My specialty is residential landscape. l started off with only one job, one employee and a pickup truck. Eventually my business grew to over 60 employees and many trucks.

Creating gardens to live in and be used, to change the way a house feels and flows ,creating and maintaining gardens for Mom and Dad, Friends and Family, The neighbor down the street and around the corner. It just seemed to grow to eventually designing, installing and, maintaining residential estates and for the Hollywood elite.

With at one point over 60 employees in addition to generating millions more for sub contractors and other trades that I brought in to complete my designs such as pools, hardscape’s, landscape lighting, and architectural elements on the home and in the garden. 

Some of the architectural enhancements would include a redesign of the home out to the street. Including Structural changes, a new front entry, garage, stucco changes, outdoor kitchens, patio overhangs, driveways, walkways and, pools. New design build projects I produced were from a small front or back yard to palatial estates with budgets from hundreds, to over $3 million dollars. I have planted material from seasonal color in flats to full-grown 108” box trees with everything in between. In addition I designed remodeled and sold several flip properties with everything being done from the inside out.

I have created and provided design concepts for the complete interior remodel of homes from 1000 square feet to over 10,000 square feet. Designing everything from kitchens to, family rooms, master bedrooms to, bathrooms, guesthouses to, offices, and extensive outdoor living spaces. With budgets ranging from $50,000- $5,000,000.

During the last drought in the 1980s I represented the California Landscape Contractors Association as a local and statewide water spokesman, For a period of time I also held leadership positions as legislative chair, public relations chair, a local chapter president including many other committees and functions One of those committee's was responsible for writing the description for the California Landscape Contractors License Board (CSLB) C-27, ( Landscape contractors license). The state license board uses that description to this day. In addition to being active in my industry I reached out to charity projects like design houses in addition to being appointed to several Los Angeles city committee’s including a planning and review board as president for six years and on the Los Angeles street tree committee. I never lost touch of where I started with the smaller more compact gardens which were always a part of our work schedule. My garden maintenance accounts ranged from $150 per month to over $7000 per month. Yes that’s for a house!

I learned many tricks and tips along the way that I hope to share with you. The exciting stuff has been shared with you not
to boast but to show I have walked a mile and a half dealing with issues of the home front, inside and out, and have always dealt with them with a smile, open mind, different perspective, and a little comedy (when possible)!